Knee Pads

  • Hard Polypropylene outer shell or Rubber
  • Progressive dual density foam inner liner
  • Hinged hard shell available with gel insert
  • Air holes and channels in liner—cooler to wear
  • Replaceable woven straps with Zip-Clip fasteners
  • Metal rivets Wear pad for greater comfort while kneeling
  • Wear pad/grip strips for greater comfort while kneeling

25087-Flex Pro Knee Pad, Black/Blue Pad-Gel

25102-Flex Pro Knee Pad, Black/Green Pad
25101-Flex Pro Knee Pad, Black/Black Pad
25083-AIS Knee Armor, Hinged Orange, Nylon Straps

25088-Flex Pro Knee Pad, Gray/Orange Pad

25060-Black Flex Knee Pad

25050-Hard Cap Flex Knee Pad,Blue
25094-Rubber Knee pad with Leather Straps 

Knee Pads Pair